After School

Progressive After School Programs
  • Progressive After School Programs

    At Learning Scope Academy, families and teachers work together - celebrating successes, navigating challenges, and communicating daily about your child’s achievements and goals.
    Learning Scope offers the perfect variety of after-school programs to foster your child’s educational growth. Our teachers are hand-picked for their particular talents and ability to create a warm and enlightening environment. Our extracurricular classes include Spanish, art, music, and sports.
  • Learning Scope Academy Spanish

    Learning Scope Academy teachers are nurturers as well as educators.
    A foreign language is very important for children and Spanish is the second most spoken language in our nation. A certified teacher comes to each class and teaches the basics of the language. These classes are taught in large and small groups, and we cover conversation topics like how to ask to use the bathroom, saying you’re hungry, and following directions.
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  • Reading and Memorizing with Music

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    The music portion of our programs is built on reading and memorizing. We teach classical music, nursery rhymes, how to play musical instruments, and singing and dancing to help the kids with memorization and creativity.
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  • Learning Scope Academy Play Ball

    Learning Scope Academy teachers are nurturers as well as educators.
    Our organization believes that sports teach children about the mind, spirit, self-control, and discipline. The kids spend half an hour with a trainer, starting from the age of two, and it makes a big difference in their behavior. The coaches and mentors are well-trained with the necessary state required certifications.
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